The Name Game

Photo by Elizabeth Parenteau Photography. Photo by Elizabeth Parenteau Photography.

What’s in a name? Symbolism, history, simplicity?

While my sister (an aspiring novelist), Chrissy, was visiting for dinner, we came to an agreement: When she makes it “big” as an author, she will become one of my owners. But, there is one caveat — she gets to name the horse. Moments later, we were laughing hysterically at the table.

Nearly everyone recognizes the very posh, eloquent pronunciation across the loud speaker of Piers Owen. Reminiscent of her studies at Oxford in a brilliant impersonation of the handsome British accent, Chrissy practiced announcing my progression around cross-country on her various horses:

  • Katie Murphy has left the start box riding Backwards
  • The Yeti and Katie Murphy have cleared the corner combination at 7A and B
  • Katie Murphy and Her Bicycle have parted ways at the sunken road
  • Here comes Katie Murphy riding Bareback through the water
  • Riding Better Than You, Katie Murphy clears the brush
  • Katie Murphy and Pogostick have been eliminated for leaping out of the ring
  • Down the gallop path comes Katie Murphy riding Very Slowly
  • Katie Murphy and Ilene Dover have a refusal at the drop
  • My Horse and Katie Murphy have lost their way in the woods
  • Katie Murphy and Hot Flash cool off as they part ways at the water combination
  • Heads up! Katie Murphy is riding Yo Mama in the field
  • Galloping Blindfolded over the coup, Katie Murphy is eliminated for missing the finish flags

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