The Story Behind EquiRatings: Founders Tell All

By now you’ve heard of EquiRatings, the new website that provides data and statistics from every international event in the world and is poised to change the way we analyze the sport.

Founders Diarm Bryne and Sam Watson have had a very busy year preparing to launch the website to the public — and turning heads in the greater business community in Ireland and beyond.

Fresh off their win as Best Start Up and Best Young Entrepreneurs at the local Carlow finals for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, Diarm and Sam filmed an exclusive interview for EN to answer some of our burning questions:

  • What has the process been like launching EquiRatings?
  • Why does eventing need a statistics and analytics service?
  • How do you think EquiRatings will impact the future of eventing?

It’s a fantastic, engaging, fascinating interview and well worth the watch. So sit back, relax and get to know the founders of EquiRatings.

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