The WINNER: Second Annual Blogger Contest

*Actual prize may differ.

After many hours of meticulous deliberation, at the end of a valiantly, closely fought competition, we’re excited to announce that the winner of our Second Annual EN Blogger Contest is…

Jenni Autry!

The style and sophistication of Jenni’s posts really impressed us, and we can’t wait to bring you more of her stellar work.

Fans of Emily, Yvette and Lauren: Don’t despair. All four finalists were such strong contenders that we’ve got plans in motion to bring you more from each of your favorite writers.

In the meantime, I’ll report that Jenni already has several fabulous posts in progress, when not busy fulfilling menial chinchilla whims, bedazzling a new XC placard for Vis, or windexing the frame-glass of John’s 8×10 glossy collection (John with Boyd, John with Buck, John with Computer and Cross-Country Jump, John sporting Polo Shirt, etc).

Thanks again to all who entered the Second Annual Blogger Contest, read and commented on entries, or voted in our final poll. Your enthusiasm has been both awesome and inspiring. Until next year!

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