The Word Around Rolex II

Adding to the pressure of competing at the nation’s biggest event (and for some, a spot on the team!), competitors must indulge the media in daily press conferences.  Lucky for us, they are friendly and have plenty to say about their horses, the event, and taking it one jump at a time.

Kim Severson:

On Showjumping: “My horse will be good. It sort of depends on how I ride, if I choose to speak louder than I should it might hinder his jump, but hopefully it will go well and I’ll give him a good ride.”
Becky Holder:
On Comet: “Even though this is his eighth four-star you still have to take the course jump by jump and work with the horse you have that day.”
On taking the long route at the Lake: “He can be a little bit spooky, and he doesn’t like changes in the footing, but as long as I can give him a chance to see where he’s going, he’ll step up.”
William Fox-Pitt:
Cool Mountain jumped clean and held onto first place: “I am happy for sure…you never know how it is going to go when you take a horse to a four-star for the first time…today he fought a little harder than expected, but overall it was a fantastic day for us.”
“I wasn’t feeling at my best this morning, but he was, and I’m very glad of that because you don’t want to throw away a top spot when you’re lucky enough to get it.”
Read what else the top riders had to say:
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