This Week in Horse Health News Presented by Absorbine

The topic of the day is barn fires. Now, let's talk prevention! Creative Commons photo. The topic of the day is barn fires. Now, let's talk prevention! Creative Commons photo.

Every time I read a headline that includes the words “barn” and “fire,” my heart absolutely breaks. There can be different culprits at play, but no matter what the cause, the results are usually devastating. Especially when you hear about the loss of life — I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to be affected by a loss of this kind.

While barn fires can happen any time of the year, there are even more potential causes lurking around the stables during the cold weather season — things like space heaters can definitely be a cause for concern. There are steps that you can take to try to prevent barn fires from happening and to be prepared in case one does occur.

So this week, please (please) make sure to head over to The to check out Six Ways to Better Prevent and Respond to Barn Fires. Read on and be safe.

And then, make sure to check out the other headlines from this week in Horse Health News, presented by Absorbine:

Sweet Dreams: How Horses Sleep: Have you ever wondered what horses dream about? While we may never know that answer, did you know that the average horse requires two to three hours of REM sleep every night, which they usually only get in 10 to 20 minute intervals? Horse owners should be mindful of factors such as stall space, bedding, darkness and the amount of quiet their horses have, as these affect the amount of rest that horses get. [Horse Channel]

How Can I Tell if My Horse is Cold? When the temperatures are so cold outside that you feel like your eyeballs are going to freeze, how can you be sure if you horse is warm enough? Head over to The Horse and listen to a short audio explanation by Dr. Nancy Loving, who explains how to spots signs that will let you know if your horse is cold. [The Horse]

The Baking Soda Bargain: If you like to be the MacGyver of your barn, you might want to grab some extra boxes of baking soda the next time that you are at the grocery store. There are many uses for it around the barn, including (but not limited to) cleaning bits, deodorizing stalls, scouring automatic waterers, treating mouth sores and more. [EquiSearch]

Messy Gelding vs. Tidy Gelding: Why do some geldings keep neat and tidy stalls, while others seem to be on a mission to have a party and totally trash their bedding? Stall cleanliness habits may actually have more to do with horses interacting with each other in their natural state of being. [The Horse]

Gravity and the Art of the Horse’s Back: Ever wonder about the amount of stress that is put on a horse’s back? Over time, the spine must battle the effects of gravity. Head over to Horsetalk to read about the effects of gravity on a horse’s thoracolumbar spine. [Horsetalk]