Thoughts From a Horse Husband: Let’s Start a Club

As eventers, we’re crazy. And we embrace it. But equally crazy, are the significant others who love us: the ones who put up with our horse habit, spend long hours at horse shows, and provide emotional support whether we win or lose. Thanks to a dedicated horse husband for these thoughts.

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From a Horse Husband:

Do you husbands remember meeting that perfect woman that had you head over heels?  Well that happened to me.  When we met, we both managed Thoroughbred broodmare farms in Lexington, KY.  We shared stories of foaling, the horses you have bred and raised, and how they did or didn’t go anywhere on the track.  I now know where those horses go that didn’t win at the track: they come to my wife’s barn, supposedly “resale prospects” that always turn into “they are too nice to sell!”

But back to the point.  My wife had one (I repeat ONE) horse when we met three years ago.  It wasn’t hard with just one horse, it took an hour to ride in the evening then it was off to do something we both enjoyed.  But first we have to be at the barn, and can’t leave until she gives kisses and carrots to her best friend.

Besides owning that one horse at the beginning of marriage, I’m going to explain in future blogs how we ended up with more horses than we know what to do with.  We were able to go to Maui when we had one horse, but now three years later we can’t even find the time to go fishing.  I’ll be back soon to let you know how this all works after I go feed her horses for her–she’s sick today, so I have to step up my game.

I’m going to start a club called the Double H (Horses & Hubs) for us guys out there.  That way while we’re at those shows, we can have skeet shoots, card games, or maybe play horse shoes while the wives are with their “other” best friends.

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