Thursday Video from Nupafeed USA: World’s Worst Dressage Caller

Except in the case of the new Assistance Allowed Eventing Tests, dressage tests may not be called for eventers, no matter how many different levels we’re riding at one competition. But calling a test is no simple matter. It does require focus, the ability to speak loudly and clearly and at least a basic understanding of dressage movements and letters.

As a sometimes announcer at dressage shows, I’ve seen good and bad callers, but this one might the worst ever!

Though she may not be so good at giving instructions, when it comes to her interpretation of each movement, she might actually be on to something. “Giraffe on a free-rein please!” Warning: there is at least one instance of foul-mouthed exasperation from the rider (but we can hardly blame her!).