Tiana Coudray on the eve of the Final Olympic Selection Trials

I’m really looking forward to watching Tiana ride her test on the lovely Ringwood Magister late Friday morning; I spoke to Tiana on Wednesday and have been trying to upload this video ever since, don’t ask…! Anyway, I think Tiana is one of the most intriguing combinations on the short list – with the least experience under their belt, and yet having taken the huge step to spend a year alone in England and stick it out when the going got tough I take my hat off to her. On paper you shouldn’t really want to take them to London, but as John wrote last week, they’re a high risk high reward pair who might be worth it, and when you see them working in the flesh, for me anyway, all the rationalisation goes out the window, this is such a stunning horse with so much expression, suspension and elevation in his paces!

I’d like to see them blow everyone away in the dressage, which they are capable of, and of course they need to post a solid round on Saturday to prove that the blip at Saumur was just that. Tiana is mature and composed, and I think has spent the year learning from her mistakes, and never underestimate what  a year in the UK can do for you!   There’s a sizeable US support group going on here at Barbury, I spotted Derek and Bea Di Grazia today in the crowds, as well as Mike Huber enjoying the sunshine. Go Tiana and Go Eventing!


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