Top 10 YouTube Favorites (part 1)

Is there any single internet site that is greater than YouTube??  I think not.  Whether you want to watch dancing monkeys, artistic sheep displays, or the juxtaposition of opposing lifestyles, you can find it all on YouTube.  Delights from the equine world are plentiful… from the absurd (“We’re going to Caaandy Mouuntaaain!”) to the truly touching (“respect“).


From my own personal favorites list, I now bring you the first segment of

The Top 10 Best Videos: HORSES IN SPORT.


10. 2008 FACE Vaulting Freestyle.  If you have never watched a full team vaulting routine, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Kerri Strug has nothing on these guys!!

9.  Steeplechase + Cross-country = THIS  And people call eventers crazy.  This is insane, yet I can’t stop watching…  (Caution, not for the faint of heart!  Graphic moment at 3:22, avert your eyes)

8.  1984 Olympic Dressage Victory Lap  / Close up of Ahlerich’s One-Tempis   This is what dressage SHOULD be.  An astounding feat, accomplished with total grace and harmony…”awe” is the only response I can come up with.  The video quality sucks, but hey remember what video recorders were back then?!! 

7.  Stacy Westfall Reining   Horse and rider communication in its simplest form.  Unlike our 20-penalty sliding stops, these are intentional. 😉

Stay tuned for the remaining top 6 videos… including my most favorite eventing video ever! 

What makes up your favorite YouTube playlist?  Speak up in the comment section!

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