Top Riders Get Behind Evention’s #mindyourmelon Campaign

If you follow Evention on Facebook — and if you don’t, what are you even doing with your life? — you’ve been seeing the teaser hashtag #mindyourmelon this week. Finally released last night on, the new episode doesn’t disappoint — think Dom Schramm in a Batman costume — and the launch of Evention’s helmet awareness campaign. A slew of well known upper-level riders are getting behind #mindyourmelon, and EN is challenging YOU to get involved too. Here’s how:

1. Watch the video above to see Boyd Martin, Jennie Brannigan, Lauren Kieffer, Buck Davidson, Laine Ashker, Hawley Bennett-Awad, Allison Springer, Sinead Halpin, Meg Kep AND Manoir de Carneville supporting helmet awareness.

2. Snap a selfie of yourself wearing a helmet while doing something cool — think donning your skull cap while dressed as Batman — and post it to social media with the hashtag #mindyourmelon.

3. If you spot a photo of someone you know riding without a helmet, comment with the hashtag #mindyourmelon to show that all the cool kids are wearing helmets.

Eventing Nation has been a longtime advocate of wearing helmets — Every ride, every time! — and I’m issuing a challenge to the entire EN team to support the cause by snapping our own #mindyourmelon selfies. (Yes, John, that means you, too.) Stay tuned as #mindyourmelon and #insanityinthemiddle collide.

Go Helmet Awareness. Go Evention. #mindyourmelon

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