Tuesday Afternoon Links

Good afternoon Eventing Nation.  Hopefully it is both sunnier and cooler where you are than here at the Eventing Nation command center.  The past 24 hours have been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of eventing news with some good and some bad and frankly I can’t wait to get to the weekend and get to write about the events.  I haven’t heard an update from Denny and his connections, but Denny has a number of ways to get in touch with his countless fans when he wants to and we’ll post an update when he does.  From everything unofficial I have heard about his fall, its seems like Denny was up and alert after the fall, which is always the most important thing.  Now for a few links…

Oliver Townend’s Carousel Quest has been added to the Burghley entry list

The USEA has posted a nice tribute to two of the twenty three horses who perished in the Over The Hill Farm fire last week

The truth about event management from Hannah Wilkins

The FEI has announced open forum dates to discuss the “future of eventing” including the possible merging of the CIC and CCI diivisions

Jennie Brannigan went to a Lil Wayne concert.   I’m so jealous.

Check out BE’s guest blogs leading up to the European Championships [via KMD]

Rowdie reaches her YR goals

Supplements and the foundered horse from SmartPak

Go eventing.

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