Tuesday News and Notes from Cavalor

RIP Cigar. Photo by Lindsey Kahn RIP Cigar. Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Fall is a time of endings and new beginnings, from the turning of the leaves and new school year, to some training seasons picking up while other show seasons draw to a close. While this last week was an exciting one for me (for reasons which I will disclose in an upcoming Bloggers Row post), I also was saddened to hear of the death of Cigar, who passed away from complications following surgery.

Having been one of many mere mortals to have been graced by his stunning (and — dare I say it? — hammy) presence at the Kentucky Horse Park, I can say that he was one of the most charismatic horses I’ve ever met. Cigar knew he was a celebrity, and seemed to wholeheartedly enjoy his post-racing career as an equine ambassador. Rest in peace, Cigar.

Event Opening Today: Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. (GA, A-3)

Events Closing TodayThe Virginia H.T. (VA, A-2), Rocking Horse Fall H.T. (FL, A-3), Full Gallop Farm H.T. (SC, A-3), Pine Hill Fall H.T. (TX, A-5), Galway Downs H.T. (CA, A-6)

News and Notes:

Online auction benefits Area VIII trainer Nadeem Noon: Go bid on this online auction through the Equestrian Aid Foundation, with proceeds benefitting Nadeem, who is suffering from Amyloidosis. There are lessons with top riders, horse trials entries, cross country schooling passes, fine art prints and more. [Online Auction for Nadeem]

Heritage Park needs volunteers: Interested in helping out at Heritage Park Horse Trials in Olathe, KS on October 24-26? Get in touch with Beth Stoker to be part of Area 4’s last event of the year — no prior experience is necessary! [[email protected]]

USEA Proposes Speed, Height Rule Changes: The USEA Board of Governors has proposed a change to USEF rule EV140, which will be voted on at the USEF annual meeting in January 2015. The proposed changes would increase cross country speeds and show jumping heights at the Beginner Novice, Novice and Training levels. [Eventing Nation]

Cavalor Feed for Thought: As many horses enter their off-season, it is important to remember that their nutritional needs change with the lightened workload. Continuing to give these horses their high-performance feed is a recipe for excess energy and even health issues. [Feed for Thought]

Why do scientists love Valegro? Is it the collection of awards and accolades? Is it his partnership with rider Charlotte Dujardin? Is it their absolutely lovely WEG 2014 freestyle, scoring 92.161? Christa Lesté-Lasserre explores the reasons why equitation scientists adore this special gelding at [The Horse]

Video of the Day: Let’s remember Cigar’s incredible victory at the 1995 Breeder’s Cup. Go Cigar.

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