Tuesday News and Notes from Cavalor

Team Canada enjoying a day at the races. Photo via Phoenix Equestrian Team on Facebook Team Canada enjoying a day at the races. Photo via Phoenix Equestrian Team on Facebook

With only four days separating us from the official start of the 2015 Pan Am Games, the Canadian team stepped away from their rigorous training schedule to enjoy a little afternoon racing. Both the dressage and eventing team attended The Queens Plate, the oldest Thoroughbred race in Canada, which is the first leg in the Canadian Triple Crown. Make sure you stay locked right here on EN for the latest and greatest in Pan Am’s coverage, as Jenni will be our eyes and ears on the ground in Toronto.

Events Opening Today:  ENYDCTA/Old Chatham H.T. (NY, A-1)Huntington Farm H.T. (VT, A-1)Hunt Club Farms H.T. (VA, A-2), Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. II (CA, A-6)Caber Farm Horse Trial (WA, A-7), Richland Park H.T. (MI, A-8)

Events Closing This Week: Stoneleigh-Burnham Summer H.T (MA, A-1), Horse Park of New Jersey Horse Trials II (NJ, A-2), Event at Rebecca Farm (MT, A-7), Cobblestone Farms H.T. (MI, A-8)

Tuesday News:

Get Pan Am tickets while they’re available, again! It seems that the Pan Am committee had been sitting on a little Christmas in July gift for us. On July 6th, a small block of tickets had been released for all equestrian events. When searching the Pan Am site, most say “Not Many Left”, so if your in the market for some non inflated tickets, here is your chance! [Caledon Enterprise] [Ticket Master]

A group of veterinarians and riders affiliated with Bern University is looking for your help with their collapse and sudden death survey. If you have ridden, trained, or treated a horse that has collapsed or died during exercise, take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below. Your input will help in the design of strategies to prevent these episodes. [Rider/Trainer Survey] [Veterinarian Survey]

Zara Phillips and High Kingdom will miss out on European Championships. After the injury sustained in the stall prior to dressage at Rolex Kentucky in April, High Kingdom will not be fit enough for the European Championships at Blair Castle. Zara, with no other top level mounts, will miss out on this years Championships as well. [Horse & Hound]

Are you staying properly hydrated while you ride? Its easy to forget about yourself when you’re hard at work perfecting your riding and making the most out of a sunny day. Make sure you listen to your body and drink the right stuff before, during and after your rides. [Equestrian Professional]

Tuesday Video Break:

Let’s all sit back, grab a Blue Diamond Cocktail (Offical Cocktail of the Queen’s Plate), and pretend we are enjoying an afternoon at the races with team Canada.