Tuesday News and Notes from Cavalor

Colleen Rutledge thanks Ms. Jacqueline Mars for her competition grant. Photo by Brian Rutledge. Colleen Rutledge thanks Ms. Jacqueline Mars for her competition grant. Photo by Brian Rutledge.

The USEA Convention gave all that attended the ability to meet our upper-level riders, as well as the biggest supporters of our sport. Back in June, Colleen Rutledge was awarded the Jacqueline B. Mars Competition Grant for Burghley. The Convention offered Colleen the unique ability to meet and thank Jacqueline personally for her incredible support. This was one of many touching moments throughout the weekend.

This seemed to be a constant theme I saw during convention. Riders thanking supporters, organizers thanking members, members thanking sponsors. It was incredibly apparent that everyone who attended loves this sport and is thankful for all those that make it possible.

Events Opening this Week:  Poplar Place Farm January H.T. (GA, A-3)

Events Closing this Week: None

Tuesday News and Notes:

Congratulations to Allison Wilson, our 12 Days of Christmas winner from yesterday! Allison is now the proud new owner of a One K Defender Air — we’re jealous! [12 Day’s of Christmas: One K Helmets]

Want to go for a Trail Ride at Great Meadow? Everyone enjoys a good long hack on your favorite four-legged friend. Now imagine going on a hack around the ground of the new 2016 Nations Cup as well as the famous Virginia Gold Cup track. Rob Banner, president of the Great Meadow Foundation, invites all Area II Adult Riders and Young Riders to join him Dec. 27 for an amazing day filled with fun. [An Afternoon Trail Ride at Great Meadows]

Clipping Tips: Some of you will be clipping your horse for the first time, others like me will be on your second clip job of the season. Cecily Clark gives you a run down of how to make this chore go as smoothly as possible, from choosing the correct clippers for the job to choosing the proper clip pattern that will work best for you and your equine. [Tips and Tricks of the Trade]

Experts Day at Waredaca: Winter is clinic time, and Waredaca has a great line up of their Waredaca Experts Day clinics coming up throughout the cold months. Head over to EventClinics.com to sign up to ride with Stephen Bradley or Jimmy Wofford, as both clinics are still accepting riders and auditors. [EventClinics.com]

Big Boost to Frangible Fence Study: Jacqueline Mars has made a statement that safety is a priority when it comes to eventing. She has challenged the USEA to raise $25,000 in the next six weeks to renew the Frangible Fence Study. Ms. Mars has made the offer that if the USEA can raise the funds within that timeline, she will match it. To donate to this study, head to the USEA Website and click “Donate.” [Restart Frangible Fence Study]

Cavalor Giveaway: Cavalor is giving away one month of Cavalor feed to two lucky winners to help start the New Year right. Just tell them how Cavalor has changed your horse’s life for the better, or share with them why you want to make the switch to Cavalor for your chance to win. The contest ends at midnight on Jan. 1, 2016. [Cavalor Contest]

Tuesday Video:

Get your heart jumping with this awesome little video: