Tuesday News and Notes from Cavalor

Sigh. I don’t think he’ll ever grow up. Photo by Crystal D, our amazing barn manager who puts up with Beau’s shenanigans.

OK so we’re a week into 2018 and already my “resolutions” are falling slightly apart. Part of that I feel like can be blamed on the horrendous winter weather. No sooner did I put myself and my horse back to work did the ground, the arena footing, all the water troughs and buckets, and my fingers and toes turn into solid blocks of ice. Ugh.

National Holiday: National Poetry at Work Day (your co-workers will love that!)

Events Opening This Week: Three Lakes February II H.T. at Caudle Ranch (FL, A-3) Pine Top Advanced, CIC2*, CIC1* & H.T. (GA, A-3)

Events Closing This Week: Full Gallop Farm January H.T (SC, A-3)  Fresno County Horse Park Combined Test (CA, A-6)  Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. (FL, A-3)

Tuesday News and Notes:

Coach Daniel Stewart says the most important goal for creating lifelong success is a legacy goal. A legacy goal is the pinnacle of meaningful things you want to accomplish in life–the thing your friends in the sport look back on say, that’s what she did well and that’s where she made an impact. [What is your legacy goal?]

Former Fair Hill International Executive Director Charles Colgan passed away on January 2. He was also the former Executive Director of the National Steeplechase Foundation, the former Racing Director with National Steeplechase Association, and a current board member with Fair Hill International. [In Memoriam]

What advice would you give to a young woman wanting to begin a career in the show horse industry? What advice would you give your younger self? Some of the hunter/jumper world’s most successful women answer these two questions. [Women Mentoring Women]

Atrophy is the wasting away of muscle tissue. For horses, muscle atrophy can be caused by underuse or ill-fitting tack. Know how to identify the beginnings of muscle atrophy so you can avoid and reverse the consequences. [Spotting muscle atrophy]

“Oh my god, Princess, what did you do?” [‘Oh Crap’ Monday, Nation Media Edition]

Tuesday Video: This is genius!

They say time is money…that’s why I made our DIY hay net feeders quick and easy to fill with hay.

Chris can fill…

Posted by Brian Lamb on Wednesday, January 3, 2018