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As Minnesota steels itself for another polar vortex, I’m huddled in my pajamas and a heated blanket with my laptop open, about fifteen tabs open with different goodies and gear on my post-holiday shopping list. It might be frigid and miserable outside, but I’m planning ahead for this year’s training, clinics, and shows, and I want my horse and I to look and feel our best. Nothing beats the winter chill like an online shopping spree, am I right?

Events Opening Today: Southern Pines H.T.  (North Carolina, A-3), Red Hills International Horse Trials & Trade Fair (Florida, A-3), Full Gallop Farm March H.T. (South Carolina, A-3)

Events Closing Today: Full Gallop Farm February H.T. (South Carolina, A-3), Pine Top Winter H.T. (Georgia, A-3), Ocala Horse Properties Winter II H.T. (Florida, A-3)

News and Notes:

Ever wonder why people bet on horse racing and not eventing? Perhaps the lack of international appeal (unlike big-stakes races like the Kentucky Derby) and relative complexity of the scoring system contribute to the lack of bets on events like Rolex and Burghley. Maybe once more people catch on to the thrills that eventing has to offer, spectators might be more willing to throw down money on their favorite horse and rider team. [Eventing Worldwide]

Speaking of betting: according to bookmaker William Hill, the odds of Zara Phillips naming her daughter “Poppy” are 8/1, as opposed to yesterday’s 33/1. I’m more interested in seeing photos of this particular royal baby and her first pony ride. [DailyMail]

Holy horse acquisitions, Batman! German dressage rider Sara Marburg purchased five top-notch horses from Andreas Helgstrand. “What happened here was serendipity,” Marburg said of her new additions, which will hopefully become competition mounts for riders Anja Plönzke, Andrea Vodermaier, and Yeliz Marburg. [Eurodressage]

Lucinda Green will be holding a clinic at Full Gallop Farm in Aiken on January 27 and 28. What could be better? How about a chance to audit her clinic with a simple donation of $20 to benefit Friends of the Animal Shelter? Improve your jumping technique and help improve the quality of life at animal shelters! [Full Gallop Farm] [FOTAS]

Cavalor Feed For Thought: Too often people will swear up and down that alfalfa is a major cause of laminitis in horses. While any high calorie component in a horse’s diet can contribute to equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), that lush, green alfalfa is not the high sugar culprit; instead, it’s the grass hay in your alfalfa-grass blend hay. [Feed For Thought]

Which horse and rider do you think had the best season last year? Don’t forget to vote for 2013 EN Horse and Rider of the Year. The polls will stay open until 10 p.m. EST Thursday night, and we’ll announce the winners Friday. [Vote]

Our friends at Horse & Hound presented a lovely tribute to Lionheart, documenting his life and career in a series of photos. RIP Lionheart. [H&H]

It’s time to vote for the Equestrian Social Media Awards! Not to toot our own horn (what am I saying? Of COURSE I’m going to promote EN in every way possible!), but Eventing Nation is a finalist for Best Blog and Best Social Network. Voting closes on February 7. Go vote, Go Eventing! [ESMA]

Video of the Day:

Do you love SmartPak’s product review videos? So do we! Our friends at SmartPak posted a hilarious blooper reel on their Facebook the other day, complete with an air vest inflation!



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