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Onyx says, Onyx says, "WHAAAAT?! It's September already?" Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Wow, the year just continues to fly by! It’s hard to believe that WEG, the event we were all waiting for, has come and gone, and Burghley is just around the corner. Onyx is shedding out his summer coat and starting to sprout his first winter hairs of the season, which means that the first Minnesota snows are just around the corner. Readers beware of forthcoming snapshots of my tiny, football-shaped dog stuck in house-sized snowdrifts!

For now, though, let’s enjoy the waning summer days and cooler weather. Bonus points go to whoever snaps the first fall-colors trail ride photos of the year!

Events Opening Today: “The Event” at Kelly’s Ford (VA, A-2), Waredaca H.T. (MD, A-2), The Virginia CCI1* and CIC2* (VA, A-2), Paradise Farm H.T. (SC, A-3), Fresno County Horse Park Horse Trials (CA, A-6), Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge  (KY, A-8), Grass Ridge H.T. (AZ, A-10)

Events Closing Today: Stoneleigh-Burnham School Fall H.T. (MA, A-1), Plantation Field International CIC and Horse Trial (PA, A-2), Marlborough H.T (MD, A-2), Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T. (SC, A-3), Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial  (WI, A-4), Twin Rivers Fall H.T. (CA, A-6), Stanton Farms H.T. (ID, A-7), Stone Gate Farm H.T. (OH, A-8)

News & Notes:

Nicholson aims for Burghley hat trick: Andrew Nicholson is hoping to make history this weekend by winning Burghley three years in a row. Competition for the title will be fierce, with top-notch riders from all over the world storming the courses, including none other than six-time winner William Fox-Pitt. [Rutland Times]

Cavalor Feed for Thought: Your horse’s hindgut is teeming with microbes that help ferment fibers such as cellulose and hemicellulose, which the horse can’t digest on its own. The result of this process is a by-product called volatile fatty acids (VFAs), which gives the horse extra calories that they can’t get directly from their feed. Because of this, it’s important to keep your horse’s microbe population healthy and functioning, or risk health issues from dropping weight to even laminitis. [Feed for Thought]

Go Reining: While WEG may have been a bit of a disappointment for the Team USA eventers, we’re proud to say that our reiners are reigning in Normandy! Shawn Flarida, Andrea Flarida, and Mandy McCutcheon secured gold, silver, and bronze at WEG, respectively. Additionally, these riders secured USA a team gold, and Mandy became “the first woman to win an individual medal at a WEG.” Way to go, riders! [Horsetalk]

Operation Gelding nips the unwanted horse issue in the… In order to help limit the number of unwanted horses, a collaborative donation of $14,000 was given to the Unwanted Horse Coalition’s Operation Gelding project. Organizations such as the American Association of Equine Practitioners, American Quarter Horse Association, and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association contributed to Operation Gelding, which gives funds to programs wishing to provide affordable castration services to horse owners. [The Horse]

Video of the Day: Click on the link below to watch a video on Facebook of Dom and Jimmie Schramm’s long-haired whippet Veggie, showing off his silken hairdo.

[Go Vegemite]

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