Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Arnd Bronkhorst’s Best Horse Photos of 2014

Great photography is an emotional experience. It takes you back to a snapshot in time: a precious moment, a memorable victory, a devastating defeat. The most captivating photos are often caught between the glimmers of greatness, when desperate emotion is written on the rider’s face, when the horse’s heart shines through in it’s efforts and when the bond between horse and human is so tangible it brings tears to your eyes.

Photographers spend many years perfecting their art so that they may bring you these special moments.

Please enjoy this inspirational slideshow of events and photoshoots around the world from Arnd Bronkhorst Horse Photography, with photos by Frédéric Chéhu, Lisa Dijk, Katya Druz, Charles Mann, Jacques Toffi, Cédric Vlemmings, Marielle Andersson Gueye, Pierre Costabadie, Amy Dragoo, Ludwiga von Korff, Paula da Silva, Frank Sorge, Lynn van Woudenbergh and Arnd Bronkhorst.

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