Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Nick Skelton & Big Star Retire

It was the end of an era for a horse and rider who opted to go out together after finishing in style: 2016 Individual Olympic Gold Medalists Nick Skelton and Big Star officially retired Sunday at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

In front of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, family, friends, fellow Great Britain team riders and a massive standing crowd, Nick and Big Star hung up both saddle and spurs at the country’s most prestigious horse show. At 59 years old, Nick has spent more than four decades at the upper echelon of the sport, and is one of the oldest individual gold medalists in Olympic history in any sport.

Big Star makes his retirement at only 14, but after an injury in the fall, Nick and his team made the decision the pair would complete their careers together, and that Big Star has done his part for show jumping.

After a final victory gallop, Nick removed Big Star’s saddle and went for a final lap in-hand in front of a jubilant — albiet tearful — British crowd. Grab a tissue before watching the video!

“I’ve represented my country over 180 times and I’ve been very proud of every moment,” Nick said. “I’d do it all again if I could.”

We wish Nick and Big Star the happiest of retirements together.

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