Equestrian Safety Awareness Campaign

The University of Kentucky is launching “Saddle Up Safely” (click for the article), a campaign to reduce horse related injuries by increasing safety awareness.  Eventer Cathy Wieschoff and Kentucky first lady Jane Beshear participated in the press conference announcing the start of Saddle Up Safely.  Thanks to TheHorse.com for covering the presser.  Their article (linked above) lists these sobering statistics: 

“Statistically, while motorcycle riders experience a serious injury every 7,000 hours of riding, horseback riders experience one every 350 hours. It is estimated that one in five equestrians will be seriously injured during their riding careers. And novice riders, especially children and young adults, are eight times more likely to suffer a serious injury than professional equestrians.”

Doing some quick math in my head, I’m due for a serious injury about every 2 months.  Uh-oh.   Furthermore, these statistics include all horse sports, meaning that Eventing specific statistics are very likely more grim.  For more info on the new campaign, check out this video from the press conference and the Saddle Up Safely homepage.

Clearly, horse enthusiasts in and around Kentucky are especially conscious about improving horse safety and national perceptions about the issue because of the approaching 2010 WEGs.  Thats all for now, but keep checking back for updates on Eventing safety and WEG progress.

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