Unseasonably Late Snow Affecting Opening Dates

Hopefully Area IV riders can dig themselves out of the snow! Across the country, competitors are worrying about upcoming opening dates and how they’ll ever get their horses ready in time. But riders aren’t the only nervous ones — organizers are too! Katie Lindsay, organizer of the Wayne Eventing Derby in the suburbs of Chicago, sent us a brief note and the photo above.

This may embody winter in Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The Wayne Eventing Derby (April 11-13) opens on Tuesday. Today, several of the new Jon Wells Derby jumps were relocated from their winter hibernation spot prior to being moved next month to Lamplight, the Derby site. Please note the enormous pile of snow behind it — with more predicted this week. Why organizers get nervous!

 How is this unseasonably late snow affecting your spring schedule, EN? 

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