US Equestrian Announces Bid Allocations for the 2023-2027 U.S. Eventing Calendar for Area VI

2021 Galway Downs International CCI4*-L winner Alexandra MacLeod & Newmarket Jack (PC: Tina Fitch Photography)

Following a review of Area VI community feedback, modifications to the 2023-2027 U.S. Eventing Calendar were recommended by the Eventing Strategic Calendar Task Force to the Eventing Sport Committee, who in turn recommended the modifications to an Ad Hoc of the Board of Directors.

Due to hardships demonstrated for qualification under the current structure and criteria, and to limit the travel to achieve those qualifications in the interest of horse welfare, the following modifications were approved to offer the best preparation for high-performance athletes and horses. More on those modifications can be found here.

Due to the criteria changes, bid processes were opened for Week 15, 21, 40, and 42. Competitors preparing horses for the 3*-L, 4*-L, and 5* level will now have a better-structured calendar through which to prepare, with the addition of a 4*-S, Advanced, and 3*-L at Twin Rivers in Week 15 as well as a 4*-S/Advanced at Woodside (week 40) and an Advanced at Ram Tap in week 42. In total, Area VI will offer two 3*-L events, one at Twin Rivers in the spring and one at Galway Downs in the fall.

Week 15
Twin Rivers Spring International
Bid Levels: CCI4*-S, CCI3*-L, & Advanced
Non-bid Levels: BN, N, T, M, P, I, CCI1*, CCI2*-S, CCI2*-L, CCI3*-S
Dates: Apr. 13-16, 2023; Apr 11-14, 2024; Apr. 10-13, 2025; Apr. 9-12, 2026; Apr. 8-11, 2027

Week 21
Woodside Horse Trials
Bid Level: Advanced
Non-bid Levels: BN, N, T, P, I
Dates: May 26-28, 2023; May 24-26, 2024; May 23-25, 2025; May 22-24, 2026; May 21-23, 2027

Week 40
Woodside Fall Horse Trials
Bid Levels: CCI4*-S & Advanced
Non-bid Levels: BN, N, T, P, I, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S
Dates: Oct. 6-8, 2023; Oct. 4-6, 2024; Oct. 3-5, 2025; Oct. 2-4, 2026; Oct. 1-3, 2027

Week 42
Ram Tap National Horse Trials
Bid Level: Advanced
Non-bid Levels: BN, N, T, M, P, I
Dates: Oct. 20-22, 2023; Oct. 18-20, 2024; Oct. 17-19, 2025; Oct. 16-18, 2026; Oct. 15-17, 2027

Remaining vacant weeks on the 2023-2027 Eventing Calendar HERE.

View the full 2023-2027 U.S. Eventing Calendar HERE.

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