USEA Convention: Trade Show Year-End Awards


‘Tis the season of year-end awards and accolades.  Here is a light-hearted review of this year’s trade show at the USEA convention.  To set the scene, the trade fair was located primarily in one main hallway, with Bit of Britain taking over most of one room just off that hallway.

The cool but expensive award goes to…
From Field Jumps, they sell you industrial strength jump cups to make adjustable xc jumps.  $179 US for a set of jump cups and the brackets to fit them on the standards.

The friend of nature award goes to…
Revita Therappeutic Systems uses infrared lights to apparently heal and prevent injuries in both people and horses.  The base model can be yours for the low price of $1,200 US. 
The best free stuff award goes to…
Plantation Field gave out free t-shirts, which obviously disappeared in about 4 minutes.  For those of you who came over the weekend, there was a jar of free fortune cookies, probably from the Carter administration, and plenty of free candy that only cost five minutes of listening to why some company’s product was awesome.  Savvy trade-farers went a step further and timed the candy snatch for when the sales rep was away from the booth, and thus acquired the candy guilt-free at the low price of just also picking up a brochure.
The strangest sales method award goes to…
Redmond Rock is a company that distributes natural salt blocks from Utah.  Watch out though, the salesman tried to give you a giant salt block rock to take home.  So, if you brought a wheelbarrow or large wagon with you to the convention, you were golden.  And of course, there was *that person* who absolutely couldn’t pass up on free stuff and drug a rock around the convention for half a day.
The best under $100 award goes to…
Trizone All-Sport Boots.   The boots are extremely light, weighing in at just 5 ounces.  They have hundreds of pores to help keep your horse’s legs cool, and the company says they are sturdy enough to protect the horse on XC.  Yours for $77 US.
The best under $25 award goes to…
Breyer ornaments from Bit of Britain.  An excellent Christmas gift at $17.95 US.
The best under $5 award goes to…
I am told that the scrubby bath cloth is an excellent stocking-stuffer at just $5 US.  Also from Bit of Britain.

Finally, I know we are making XC more technical, but this is ridiculous…

…Actually, this is just a demo at the Plastic Source booth, but we’ll probably get this technical some day.


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