USEA Foundation Announces 2022 Rebecca Broussard Travel Grant Recipients

Marc Grandia and Campari FFF. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

The members of the USEA Foundation’s Rebecca Broussard Grant Committee have announced the riders who have been awarded travel grants for The Event at Rebecca Farm. Over $28,000 in grants were awarded to 26 U.S. riders.

The USEA Foundation would like to express its deep appreciation to the Broussard family for making these valuable grants available to assist riders to reach their goal of one day riding for America. Over the last nine years, the Broussard family has contributed over $200,000 for travel grants alone. These grants help riders participate in the interview process at the event, which is a necessary step on the road to eligibility for the $50,000 Rebecca Broussard International Developing Riders Grant, won last year by Maya Black, as well as the Rebecca Broussard National Developing Rider Grant, won last year by Marc Grandia. Both of which are awarded at the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention in December.

The grant recipients for this year’s Rebecca Farm travel grant are as follows:

David Adamo – Corte Madera, California

Helen Alliston – San Ramon, California

James Alliston San Ramon, California

Josh Barnacle – Santa Rosa, California

Fylicia Barr – West Grove, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Brown – Seagoville, Texas

Sophie Click – Coupeville, Washington

Courtney Cooper – Nottingham, Pennsylvania

Brittany Crandall – Charlottesville, Virginia

Gina Economou – Sun Valley, California

Lila Gendal – Ocala, Florida

Kimberly Keeton – Watkinsville, Georgia

Ashlynn Meuchel – Anthony, Florida

Meg Pellegrini – Wayne, Pennsylvania

Emily Pestl-Dimmitt – Renton, Washington

Alyssa Phillips – Ocala, Florida

Kim Goto Miner – Camarillo, California

Marc Grandia – Duvall, Washington

Emilee Libby – Temecula , California

Jordan Linstedt – Snohomish, Washington

Chris Talley – Jeffersonton, Virginia

Kaylawna Smith-Cook – Temecula, California

Chloe Smyth – Temecula, California

Megan Sykes – Granbury, Texas