Video Saturday: Dashing Through the Snow

Note: the time-stamp on this post is authentic. Friday was a 900 mile travel day for me, and this is my first post from Ocala, where I will be spending the next few weeks getting yelled at training.  I just finished getting the boys stowed in their stalls, and I wanted to post Leslie’s latest installment of Video Saturday:

Video Saturday: Dashing Through the Snow 

-Leslie Threlkeld
Eventing in a snowstorm is not recommended, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it! Snow has fallen in Alabama two days in a row! Thanks Canada!! How have your horses handled the recent blast of arctic air? Let us know in comments! Do you have any snowy photos to share? Email them to us at [email protected]. Happy Riding! 

Budweiser Clydesdale Snowball Fight: The Budweiser Clydesdales are an iconic image in America, and they have quite the sense of humor. Watch these beauties at play.

Skijoring Event in Whitefish, Montana: If I lived somewhere with the appropriate winter weather, this is what I would do during the Eventing off-season. 

The Making of a Snow Horse: Notice how dark it is by the time the artist has finished. I challenge thee (those with enough of the stuff) to make a better snow pony. Send pictures to [email protected] with “Snow Pony” in the subject and we will post the best sculptures.

Horse Falls Flat: A gorgeous Thoroughbred named Jeanie is unhappy about not being able to roll. She puts on a great show in protest, but she embarrasses herself at the end. 
Watch a gorgeous Friesian fly-by against a white backdrop here
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