Video Saturday: Horsin’ Around

In the wake of a difficult week in equine news, I thought we’d have a good laugh at folks out there in the world who are…ahem…less than horse savvy. 

Not So Fun Ride in a One-Horse Open Sleigh: Unfortunately, the One Horse pulling this sleigh has a taste for beer, and his passengers were obviously not intending to share.
Bear Grylls on Taming Wild Horses: Bear Grylls, host of Man vs. Wild, will do almost anything to teach survival skills. He jumps into freezing cold water whenever presented with the opportunity, and he chews and swallows whole bugs as if they were crunchy butterscotch haystacks. But when Bear is stranded in the dense wilderness of the Sierra Nevada, he is outwitted by a wild horse curiously tolerant of his games.
Gosh, That’s One Ugly Horse: Well, we can’t all be the shiniest bay in the pasture. If you know who you’re dealing with (a group of men with sweet feed for brains), this is one way to sneak past security.

You’re Standing in the Way of My Poop: After years of picking mud out of hooves, we’ve gotten good at dodging bombs when the tail goes up. This reporter obviously has less experience with such.
Hang On While I Call Whine-One-One: One lucky horse got the opportunity to dump Paris Hilton on her tiny hiney. They say horses can sense things like nerves, anger, and greater-than-thou attitudes. Watching Paris get pwned by a horse? Now, that’s hot.
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