Video Saturday: Mounted Games

Mounted Games is one of those equine activities I always think would have been a great experience as a kid.  Sure, I played games on horseback with my buddies in the pastures.  Mounted Games competitors, however, form and practice as a team, wear matching silks and saddle pads, and no one gets judged on rider position.  
We’ll Show You What Balance Looks Like: A few stark characteristics sticks out about these kids: they all appear to have endlessly long legs, most of them obviously wear velcro on their butts, and I want to ride all their ponies.

Four In Sack: Talk about coordination and teamwork.  The crowd loves it!

Old Hats Out, Old Socks In: The “Sock Race” requires riders to run halfway down the line, drop an old sock in the bucket, run to the end, dismount and pick up a new old sock, vault back on the pony while galloping home to hand the new old sock to a teammate, and repeat.  I wonder who donates all the old socks?

Human Agility Class: Agility requires riders to dismount and quick-step across a few buckets before vaulting back on quick as possible.  Miss a step or fall off the bucket and you have to start again.

Has anyone in Eventing Nation competed in Mounted Games or owned a pony with such experience?  Tell us what it was like in the comments!
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