Video Saturday: Ready for Rolex

Rolex is Almost Here!  It’s time to get ready!  3, 2, 1, GO!  Have a nice ride!

Buzzterbrown Brilliance: In anticipation of the 2010 event, Buzzterbrown edited this compilation of videos and photos from 2009.  As always, Buzzter’s videography is mind-blowing. His lighting is consistently excellent in the Great Outdoors, his editing is creative and smooth.  But this video…this is my favorite so far.  Be sure to visit Buzzterbrown’s channel to watch a longer version of 2009 Rolex highlights

Pretty in Pink: Lucinda Fredericks and Headley Britannia were the winners of the Rolex Trophy in 2009.  “Little Brit” took the long route through the Rolex water, and went on to become the first mare to win the Rolex CCI****.

Spectators Love Almost Falls: Alison and Arthur averted an almost accident.  This would be one of those moments you not only pat your horse, but thank him.

The Recovery of a Lifetime:  While the Eventing gods spoke quietly to her horse about all the carrots he would get back at the barn….Karen hauled herself back up to the cheers of the audience and continued on cross-country without penalty.  Aren’t you Ready for Rolex???


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