Video Saturday: Team Chasing

Earlier this week a reader mentioned team chasing, noting it’s similarities to Eventing.  Generally, cross-country officials at events attempt to keep a controlled number of horses on course at evenly spaced intervals to best avoid traffic jams.  Team chasing on the other hand, involves a group of competitors galloping across country practically nose to tail.  Some rules to team chasing are similar to Eventing: a rider fall results in elimination of that rider, three refusals at one fence equals elimination, all riders must wear helmets and safety vests, and an ambulance is always on the scene.

Teams may consist of three or four horse and rider combinations, and at least three horses on the team must finish the course.  The time of the third horse to cross the finish line is recorded as the team’s time.  In the event of a tie, the time of the fourth horse determines the winner.

This helmet cam captured one rider’s fall near the end of a course.  I can only imagine how hard it is to gallop on by your fallen comrade and continue to concentrate on the fences.  Good thing they already had that gate part out of the way.  

Teams select groovy names and team colors to set themselves apart in competition.  Check out the Hardcore Sisters at this event!

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