Video Throwback: 1993 NAYRC Footage

“It’s August. It’s Wadsworth. Where are your teenagers? Out badmouthing your country and listening to punk rock music, I suppose. No! They’re at Temple Farms, site of the North American Young Rider Championships.”

Those are the opening lines to this fantastic video, which offers a look at the 1993 NAYRC in all its 90’s fabulousness at Temple Farms in Wadsworth, Ill. The video opens with Paul Laschinski rocking a very 90’s hairstyle and a feather earring, flanked by Michael Barisone and Ralph Hill. Together, they offer commentary on pure dressage, eventing and pure show jumping.

If you want to skip straight to the eventing like I did, jump ahead to the 14:13 minute mark. This footage was shot long before the days of the one-fall rule, so you’ll see plenty of riders clawing their way back into the saddle after taking a spill. There are plenty of familiar faces in the video, including a young Gina Miles 15 years before she won an individual Olympic silver medal.

Here’s a look at the order in which the riders and their horses appear in the video:

Erika Radtke and Maker’s Mark
Matthew Brown and Maximum Speed
Trudy Race and Our Trilby
Kenneth Dierks and Greystone
Amy Slayter and Renaissant
Rumsey Gilbert and Night Train
Mara DePuy and Hopper
Gina Ostini and Southbound
Aaron Thomson and Winds of Time
Virginia Jenkins and Talisman

This is a gem, EN. Enjoy! Go eventing.

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