Video: Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Ozzie?

Screenshot from YouTube

Screenshot from YouTube

We all know that horses can be, uh, finicky creatures. For instance, my gelding will gladly play with and munch on a tarp (sending other horses scurrying in the opposite direction), but a tiny plastic bag wafting across a field gives him a total meltdown. My friend’s OTTB won’t bat an eye at cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or other man-made horrors, but large rocks and discolored patches of grass are sure signs of lurking monsters!

But has anyone seen a horse that’s afraid of another horse? Particularly one as cute and charming as Ozzie the Icelandic Horse. My Virtual Eventing Coach posted this adorable video of horses having minor cardiac incidents when they come upon little Ozzie on the trail.

Here’s Part 2:

Look out, world! Ozzie is coming through!

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