Virtual ‘Auditing’ from the Eventing 25 Training Sessions

It’s a real treat to have Thehorsepesterer filming at the Eventing 25 Training Sessions at Ms. Jaqueline Mars’ Meredyth South Farm in Ocala, Florida. It’s not only a glimpse into the development of the future stars of the sport, but there are also some really great nuggets of information to be heard that we might apply to our own training.

In this video Coach Leslie Law discusses the mechanics of the automatic release and when you might use it.

Savannah ‘Woodge’ Fulton practices the automatic release in this round.

Leslie talks with Alex Green about creating a “snappy” canter after a jumping round.

You can always learn something from watching good riding over good courses!

There’s a lot more to see on Thehorsepesterer’s YouTube channel. Go there and see what more you can learn!

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