Vote & Discuss: Which State is Best for Eventers Year-Round?

It’s that time of year in the U.S. when many eventers are gearing up to make the trip south to warmer climates during the winter months. But EN reader Kim Clark is tired of doing that and wants to find the best location in the States to live, train and compete year-round. Kim writes:

“I want to get the event world’s opinion on where the best eventing area is in the States TO LIVE. I know all about Ocala in the winter months (we do that already) and the Aiken area, etc., but we are wanting to move our farm south to better weather (currently live in Madison, Wisconsin).

“I am seeking advice on where people would chose to LIVE year-round and get the best training, vets, farriers, competitions, etc. We are a small, private farm with one eventing crazy kid and 46 years of experience on my part.

“I have reached out to some bigger professionals and get advice such as New Jersey in summer and Ocala in winter, but I am looking for advice on a permanent location.

“Is there a way to throw this out there and see what others think? I am starting our search as the kid graduates next year, and I want to make sure I make a good, educated decision on where to move … because I cannot do Wisconsin winters anymore!

So let’s help Kim out! Vote in the poll below for the state you think is the best places for eventers to live year-round. There’s also a place to write in your own answer, and we’ll keep updating the poll with the most popular write-in choices.

Then let’s discuss in the comments: Which state do you think is best for eventers and why? What does that state offer in the form of training, vets, farriers and competitions? If you moved there, why did you make that choice?

Thanks in advance for helping Kim make an educated decision. Do you have a question the EN community can help answer? Send it to [email protected].


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