Wanting a Blog Format? Classic EN is the Answer

Hey, EN! We’ve enjoyed hearing from so many of you today, and I’m thrilled to report feedback on the new EN has been overwhelmingly positive. The main request we’re hearing is a way to read posts in the traditional blog format like on the old EN. The good news is that functionality is already built right into the new EN! All you have to do is click the Classic EN button in the top menu bar, and you’ll be able to scroll down through the most recent posts.

Just for a little background on the new layout, one of the main reasons we had to look at other options is because it started to become difficult for readers to find certain posts. Especially during big events where we have live coverage, posts would be pushed off the main page in a matter of hours. And all those photos on a single page made load time difficult for a lot of readers as well.

So we decided to compromise with using the links on the homepage while still offering the Classic EN button for those who prefer the traditional blog format. It’s tough to cater to everyone’s preferences when launching a web redesign, but our goal is to make as many readers happy as we possibly can. Please continue to leave feedback in the comments below, on our Facebook page or by emailing¬†[email protected].

Go eventing.

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