Waredaca T3DE & Horse Trials

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**10/24 T3DE Results: In Division A, DC McBroom won on Twain as the only pair to finish on their Dressage of 35.3.  Steve Fulton was 2nd with a 39.9 on Full Moon’s Manila Bay, with Dawn Evans Beach on Sudden Eclipse with 41.4.  In Division B, Carrie Meehan and Blue Devil held on to their overnight lead and finished on 28.4.  According to Carrie, “Duke was a superstar,” good boy Duke.  Rebecca von Schweinitz on Bombay Saphier were 2nd with 32.9, and Melinda Maslin on Midnight Treasure were 3rd with a 33.7.  In division C, Jamie Doolittle on A Dream Come True moved from 3rd to 1st on a 38.7.  Thanks to everyone who helped get us these results!  I have a few more hours left at work, but we will have much more later tonight. Horse Trials Results, Waredaca Homepage.
The Area II Adult Riders and the Waredaca crew have done a great job putting on this weekend’s competition (thanks LB).  I have heard from riders that they particularly enjoyed the educational seminars by vets and other experts before the competition started.  This is a great article from EventingUSA about a seminar at the Indiana Eventing Association’s T3DE in May, featuring the man, the myth, and the legend Chris Newton.


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