Watch Lizzie Snow Make the Best Save at Rolex

If you were wondering why Rolex Rookie Lizzie Snow had time penalties with Coal Creek in her four-star debut at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, it’s because she was busy making the best save of the whole day:

Lizzie Snow 3

USEF Eventing 25 rider Lizzie didn’t panic when “Devon” stumbled badly on landing in the slippery footing after fence 20, the Fallen Tree. Instead, she calmly gave Devon a pat after making sure he was OK, gathered her reins and stirrups, and galloped on to fence 21, the Open Corners, where she smartly took the long route to get back into a rhythm.

And don’t worry — Devon is just fine after the stumble. The soft footing thankfully made for an easy landing (here he is enjoying his 16th birthday on Tuesday without a scratch on him). What a champion!

To show just how amazing this save was frame by frame, check out the photos below courtesy of Tylir Penton:

Lizzie and Devon went on to jump clear around the course, ultimately finishing the event in 27th place. Of course, the internet has been blowing up over Lizzie’s big save. Shout out to Brian Matzke for this great meme:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.06.26 PM

Click below to watch Lizzie and Devon’s full round on USEF Network. The save at the Fallen Tree comes at about the 7 minute, 57 second marker:

Go Rolex Rookies. Go Coal Creek. Go Lizzie.

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