Watch the 2018 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention Live Stream

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Can’t make it to the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention this weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana? You’re in luck! The USEA has teamed up with RNS Video Media to live stream a large portion of the convention.

You will need to renew your USEA Membership to access certain parts of the live stream, but much of it will be available to watch for free without a membership.

Scroll down to view the schedules for both the Open Stream and the Member Stream.

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Thursday, December 6

1-2 p.m. CST: Safety Concepts for Every Ride: Simulations for Reducing Cross-Country Rotational Falls with Dr. Suzanne Weaver Smith and Shannon Wood

5-6 p.m. CST: Intercollegiate Open Forum with Leslie Threlkeld

Friday, December 7

8-9 a.m. CST: Problem Solving: Reason, Response, Recommendation and Resolutions for Officials with Loris Henry, Cindy Deporter, Gretchen Butts and John Michael Durr

9-10 a.m. CST: Preceptor Training with Cindy Deporter, John Michael Durr, Loris Henry, Tim Murray, Wayne Quarles and Marilyn Payne

10-11 a.m. CST: Step-by-Step: How to Become an Official with John Michael Durr, Loris Henry, Wayne Quarles, Sally Ike, Alina Brazzil, Marilyn Payne and Tim Murray

11 a.m.-12 p.m. CST: Classic Three-Day Open Forum with Gretchen Butts

12-2 p.m. CST: USEA Year End Awards Lunch with Jim Wofford

2-3 p.m. CST: 2020 Eventing Calendar Planning with Debra Delacruz

3-4 p.m. CST: Organizers Open Forum with Jonathan Elliott

4-5 p.m. CST: Cross-Country Design for the Future with James Atkinson, John Michael Durr, Capt. Mark Phillips, Morgan Rowsell, Gretchen Butts and Cathy Wieschhoff

5-6 p.m. CST: Course Designers/Builders Open Forum with Derek di Grazia, Capt. Mark Phillips and Morgan Rowsell

6-7 p.m. CST: Eventing Affiliates Open Forum with Janet Gunn

Saturday, December 8

8-9 a.m. CST: Safety Committee Open Forum with Jon Holling, Sarah Broussard, Max Corcoran and Dr. Jennifer Miller

9-10 a.m. CST: American Horse Trials Foundation with Jodi Mort, Dave Emmons, Jim Graham and Cathy Wieschhoff

10-11 a.m. CST: USEF Eventing Sport Committee with Mike Huber

11 a.m.-12 p.m. CST: Rule Change Open Forum with Malcolm Hook

3:30-4:30 p.m. CST: SafeSport with Sonja Keating

4:30-5:30 p.m. CST: Young Riders Open Forum with Diane Snow and Vicki Howard-Fine

Sunday, December 9

9 a.m.-noon CST: USEA Board of Governors Meeting


Thursday, December 6

2-5 p.m. CST: USEA Board of Governors Meeting

Friday, December 7

8-9 a.m. CST: Tai Chi for Riders with Matt Brown

9-10 a.m. CST: Volunteer Committee Open Forum with Irene Doo

10-11 a.m. CST: The Science of Conditioning and Recovery with Max Corcoran

11 a.m.-noon CST: USEF High Performance Athletes Open Forum with Erik Duvander

2-3 p.m. CST: Membership Development Open Forum with Dawn Robbins, Janet Gunn and Liz Hoskinson

3-4 p.m. CST: Tik-Tac-TOLD with Tik Maynard

4-5 p.m. CST: YEH Through the Riders’ Eyes with Debbie Adams, Andrea Baxter, John Michael Durr, Doug Payne, Waylon Roberts, Tamie Smith and Dom Schramm

5-6 p.m. CST: First Aid, CPR and AED Skills Check with Rusty Lowe

Saturday, December 8

8-9 a.m. CST: Equestrian Fitness and Focus with Daniel Stewart

9-10 a.m. CST: ICP Open Forum with Mary D’arcy, Phyllis Dawson, Brian Sabo and Robin Walker

10-11:00 a.m. CST: How New Safety Technology is Going to Reduce Risk with Roy Burek

12-2 p.m. CST: Annual Meeting of Members with Erik Duvander

2:30-3:30 p.m. CST: World Equestrian Games Rider Review with Phillip Dutton, Will Coleman, Boyd Martin, Lynn Symansky and Sam Watson

3:30-4:30 p.m. CST: 1981: The Last Time a Rider of the Year was Female with Karen O’Connor, Jonathan Holling, Nina Gardner and Lynn Symansky

4:30-5:30 p.m. CST: Amateur & Adult Rider Open Forum with Dawn Robbins

5:30-9:30 p.m. CST: USEA’s Eventing Hall of Fame Gala

Sunday, December 9

8-9 a.m. CST: The Future of Data Science in Eventing with Sam Watson, Diarm Byrne and Robert Winter

9-10 a.m. CST: YEH Judges Training with Marilyn Payne

10-11 a.m. CST: Competition Level vs Required Skills, Part 2 with Dan Michaels