Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher

The Graduate shows off over an oxer exercise with rider Danielle Ditching

Good morning EN! The Ocala Training Sessions are underway this week at Meredyth South, the winter home of the O’Connor Event Team. Max Corcoran has been kind enough to write up reports about the happenings, and from the sound of things everyone is learning a lot under David’s watchful eye. The photo above comes courtesy of the USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page, where photos and updates are being posted everyday. Make sure to check back later today for Max’s report from Day 3. [Day 1] [Day 2]

Your weekend preview:

Galway Downs [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Poplar Place [Website] [Ride Times]

Sporting Days [Website] [Ride Times]

On a somber note, everyone at EN is sending good thoughts and prayers to Colleen Rutledge and her family. Her son Connor is in the hospital and could use a lot of positive thoughts. Brian Rutledge is posting updates on Colleen’s Facebook page. [Colleen Rutledge Eventing]

In the latest installment of the horse DNA in hamburger drama, traces of horse DNA has been found in two Spanish burgers by a Spanish consumer group.  The group selected 20 random burgers from a supermarket and tested all of them, but only 2 contained the DNA. The group reported that the overall quality of the meat was “poor.” [Horsetalk]

Is your horse suffering from its yearly bout of rainrot and skin scuzz? The USEA has posted a refresher about the causes and treatments of skin disease written by Rachael Levine, DVM of Henderson Veterinary Associates. Check it out for helpful tips and reminders. [USEA]

Authorities have seized 100 horses from a property in North Dakota where 96 were found dead. According to authorities the owner is cooperating with them. Horsetalk quotes a local sheriff as saying, “My personal opinion is he just got in way, way over his head. He is cooperating with us, and he realizes that there is a problem.” [Horsetalk]

Today on HN, check out the The Rear End Awards: honoring the horse and horseman who most successfully “brought up the rear” in 2012. [Horse Nation]

Colorado State University has announced that Dr. Jerry Black will head the school’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory. “Multiple techniques used today in human and animal reproduction assistance were pioneered at the laboratory, including semen freezing and cooling, embryo transfer and other advanced reproductive procedures including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and advanced methods of semen and embryo preservation,” writes Horsetalk. [Horsetalk]

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association has announced a new partnership with Unwanted Horse Coalition, pledging to donate funds raised from competitive trail events to help unwanted horses around the country. [Horsetalk]

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