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A new Advanced cross country jump on Tremaine Cooper's Millbrook course- Hope Nicyper-Meryman is pictured. Photo via the Millbrook Horse Trials Facebook page. A new Advanced cross country jump on Tremaine Cooper's Millbrook course- Hope Nicyper-Meryman is pictured. Photo via the Millbrook Horse Trials Facebook page.

Good morning EN! Riders up and down the East Coast are heading up to Millbrook, NY over the next couple days to compete at Millbrook Horse Trials. Known for being the big Advanced division of the summer and where many horses who competed in spring/summer CCIs get back into the competitive swing, it’s definitely going to be an intense weekend of competition. All levels feature tough courses, and judging from the above picture this year will be no different. Keep checking back for updates, as Jenni Autry will be on the grounds and Kate Samuels is competing in Advanced. Good luck to all competitors!

Millbrook H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Times]

River Glen Summer H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Times]

Olney Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Rocky Mountain H.T. [Website]

Catalpa Corner Charity H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Silverwood Farm Summer H.T. [Website]

WEG hopefuls are warming up at Gatcombe’s Festival of British Eventing this weekend. Zara Phillips, William Fox-Pitt and Tina Cook of Team GB will be riding as well as Sam Griffiths, Andrew Nicholson, Italy’s Vittoria Panizzon. In addition, Oliver Townend will be there to defend his 2013 championship title that he took with Armada. [Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard]

Leesburg Today featured CH-J* winner Allie Nelson. Under the tag line “Underestimated Duo,” the publication wrote about Allie and Total Eclipse’s journey from total beginners to championship winners. It also mentions that Allie currently works three jobs to help support her horse habit. Read more about Allie and “Casper” here, in a profile Jenni posted last week. Congrats again to Allie and Casper! [Leesburg Today]

Check out coverage of the Rebecca Farm CIC3* in the local paper. 3* winner Matt Brown is interviewed, and he told the paper, “After you’ve had two really good days, you almost wish that the weekend could be over and that you didn’t have to have this last phase… but I really felt like (Super Socks BCF) tried his heart out.” The paper also included some great photos of the event that have a link for purchase underneath them in case riders featured want a copy for themselves. [Flathead Beacon]

This week on the Eventing Radio Show: The Triple Crown Mentor Series. The episode features several up-and-coming riders and their professional mentors, including recent NAJYRC gold medal winner David Ziegler and his coach Missy Ransehousen. Tamie Smith and her daughter Kaylawna are also featured on the show. Tamie recently blogged for EN about her experience as the mom of a NAJYRC competitor. [The Eventing Radio Show]

So you want to be a groom? Read this article written by longtime groom Liv Gude. She gives you the inside scoop on what your job will entail, and also how to protect yourself from unsavory or unsatisfactory situations. [The Chronicle]

In anticipation of this weekend’s competition at Gatcombe, check out this video of Advanced Division A at the Festival of British Eventing last year.


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