Wednesday News and Notes from MDBarnmaster

Can't keep a horse girl down for long! Laine Ashker has already gotten back in the saddle. Photo via Laine's FB page. Can't keep a horse girl down for long! Laine Ashker has already gotten back in the saddle. Photo via Laine's FB page.

‘Tis the season for buying and selling, and right now we see a bunch of riders updating their string. On top of new faces, we also have old favorites going back into work, in preparation for a winter season. And of course, any riders who were injured in the off-season are already back in the saddle, doctor’s permission or not! (I’m looking at you, Lainey!)

Congratulations to Lisa Miller and Olivia Ford, the two winners from our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway yesterday, presented by Kentucky Performance Products! Ladies, please email [email protected] to claim your prizes! [12 Days of Christmas: KPP]

What you see is what you get. Sometimes though, what you feel is not what you get. Lauren Sprieser talks about the disconnect of feel versus reality. I know I’m not the only one who has walked out of the ring thinking I had a terrible jump round, only to see it looked pretty good from the sidelines. Or worse, thought I nailed a test, then realize it didn’t look nearly as good as it felt. Lauren talks about the importance of having eyes on the ground. [Oh, What A Feeling]

How does royalty run a stable? With common sense and tips that sound pretty familiar. Zara Phillips gives a few tips as to how to run an efficient yard, and they sound similar to the methods of most successful riders. Zara might be distantly in line for the throne, but she didn’t become successful without putting in some hard work. [8 Stable Management Secrets]

There’s debate over frangible pins. While everyone agrees they should be used, experts seem split on whether pinning the fence on the landing side, called reverse pinning, is more or less effective than the standard method of pinning. [Call For Further Research]

Despite selling a couple top horses, Lucinda Fredericks is not scaling back. After selling Flying Finish and Mr. Sydney Rocks, Lucinda was able to secure ownership of her yard and is already planning on re-building her string next year. [Lucinda Fredericks]

We should all be so giving as this girl. Reagan Romano loved her experiences at Alex Philpin’s summer riding camp at Camp Minikani so much, she decided she had to share it with everyone. Reagan started up the non-profit organization to help kids in need attend pony camp. Check out her blog and help her cause, just in time for Christmas! [Tis the Season]

This week on the Eventing Radio Show: All the people! Our very own Jenni Autry, along with Gavin Makinson and Lulu Kyiacouo, joing Samantha and Jess for a round table to talk about all the things. [Eventing Radio Show]

SmartPak Product of the Day: I actually don’t tend to get very cold, even on the worst days, and I absolutely hate winter gloves. That being said, one part of me that does freeze on a regular basis while riding are my hands, so a fingerless underglove seems like a good solution to my problem! [SmartPak]

I’ve got nothing related to today’s news, so you instead get a throwback video to Maui Jim CIC3*, 2009. First horse on the video? The indomitable Ballynoe Castle RM. Also making appearances are Arthur, Gin & Juice, and a few other old favorites.


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