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Six off the floor. Photo by Amanda Tamminga.

Ten years ago I did my first long format CCI with my first horse, who I lost earlier this year. It’s hard for me to believe that the last time I ran down an FEI jog strip was five years ago, at Fair Hill in 2014 with that fantastic beast of a horse. But this month, a decade after I brought my first horse to complete our first long format FEI, I did the same thing with my second horse.

National Holiday: National Tie One On Day (An apron, if you’re wondering.)

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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Your Wednesday News & Notes

There’s a perpetual tug of war between barns and boarders. It can be difficult to entrust your friends (and most expensive piece of riding equipment!) to others who might not always make the choices you would, but make sure you don’t make their lives harder. They are making the decisions with the wellbeing of your horse in mind. [Avoid Becoming a PIA Boarder]

Every time I get my show photos back, I think about how I really need to improve my jump position. Try as I can, I can’t seem to open my hip angle or not make ridiculous faces. Georgie Strang has some tips to help achieve that ‘pro’ position. [8 Top Tips to Improve Position]

Just in time for Turkey Day, the USEF has updated the Training Lists. With two pairs listed on the Elite List and another fourteen pairs on the Pre-Elite List, there will be plenty of competition for teams in the next few years. Another eleven riders are slated for the Development Training List this winter. [USEF Updates Training Lists]

If you are aiming for the E25 program, make sure to submit your applications by this Friday, November 29th!

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