Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Allison Springer coaching Darrin Mollett riding her own Beverly’s Bebop in the warm up at Morven Park’s Spring Horse Trials last weekend. Photo courtesy of Nick Attwood.

Morven Park has been touting its new rings and top footing upgrades for a while now so I for one was curious to see them action! I had hoped to ride over them last October, but alas, it was too soon. This past weekend, competitors tested out the new top-notch Attwood Equestrian Surfaces footing and large expanded rings and goodness, do they look amazing to ride on! We have heard rave reviews from riders and trainers. Kudos to Morven and Attwood!

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Your Wednesday News & Notes:

About 10 days ago, I was watching the Carolina live stream and blessing the anonymous volunteer who picked up the flag in Blackbeard’s Cove 50 times. Today, she’s no longer anonymous and has been revealed as Vicki Reynolds, a mainstay at the Carolina International. Not only is Vicki Reynolds the stable manager for Carolina every year it has run, she also somehow finds time to take on jump judging at one of the most difficult combinations on course. [USEA Volunteer of the Month]

Kathryn Robinson remembers her Badminton partner Let It Bee, who tragically collapsed and died between fences at Burnham Market last weekend. Originally bought as a BE100 prospect to help build Kathryn’s confidence, ‘Bee’ was the horse who just kept going and going up the levels. The pair tackled five CCI4* and Rio together, conquering some of the biggest courses in the world. [Remembering Let it Bee]

Tina Cook is hoping to be back in time for Badminton. Tiny Cook took a tumble from Billy the Red in the Advanced at Burnham Market and managed to dislocate her shoulder. With three entered for Badminton (she’ll have to pick two only), Tina is holding her breath that 10 days without moving her shoulder will pass uneventfully. [Tina Cook Dislocates Shoulder]

Attwood Footing of the Week – Eurotex

There is a common misconception in the equestrian community that sand is sand is sand. That there is no difference from one batch to another so all you have to do is combine it with an additive and you have “footing”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At Attwood, we carefully select the sand most suited to your environment, whether it’s hot and dry, or cool and wet, or anything in between. We then create a custom mixture of the sand, felt, fiber, water and air.

Yes, water and air. And no it is not magical unicorn fairy water and air.

The amount of water and air that we mix into the footing along with the precise amount of fiber and felt creates the balance and grip of the footing giving you a truly safe surface every ride.

This custom blend perfected for your riding conditions ensures a completely balanced product every time with a cushioning component that prevents over compaction of the surface.

EuroTex is easy to install and very popular across all the disciplines.

You can find Attwood products in many of the top equestrian venues in the United States, the United Arab Empire and Europe.

  • Stable View
  • Morven Park
  • Great Meadow
  • Embassy International Riding School
  • Windurra USA
  • Carolina Horse Park

Wednesday Video: Rave reviews for the new arenas at Morven Park!