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New Attwood arena for Stable View being installed. Photo courtesy of Nick Attwood.

With the addition of a CIC3*, CIC2* and CIC1* to the Stable View Advanced Oktoberfest Horse Trials this fall, Attwood Equestrian Surfaces is busy creating a new arena to accommodate the expanding competition.

Tucked in between the covered arena and the “Silva” arena on the north side of the property, the new arena will also be incorporated into the cross country course design by Mark Phillips.

“It’s pretty heady how much has changed since we first came here to do the footing for the covered arena (Pinnacle) just a few years ago. Since then we have installed another 125,000 plus square feet of footing. The property just keeps expanding!” said Nick Attwood, president of AES.  “Barry Olliff has quite a vision for his farm. Working with Mark, Richard Jeffries, Barry … it’s a game changer for the town of Aiken when you have this ‘A’ list team of people to work with.”

And the footing? A custom blend of EuroTex, made specifically for Stable View. EuroTex is a unique composition of Geopad felt and Cleff elasticated fibers combined with specially selected sand. The sand selection is very important taking in account climate and the amount of use the arena will see. The result is a stunningly consistent footing that provides just enough cushion, just enough grip, creating a truly safe surface.

EuroTex is also the footing used in the “Silva” arena and the Attwood International Competition Arena.

National Holiday: Lost Sock Memorial Day

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Your Wednesday News & Notes:

The Worth the Trust Scholarships are officially open for applicants for 2019. As always, the USEA selects a Young Adult (ages 16 to 25) and Adult Amateur (ages 25 and up) recipient to be used for continuing education. The aplication period is open until October 1, and the scholarships will be awarded at the national convention in December. [Apply Now for the Worth the Trust Scholarships]

The furor over the blood spotted on the lips of RF Scandalous continues to stir up conversations. Sara Kozumplik-Murphy approaches the issue with an immense amount of respect for all involved, including the grassroots of the sport, and proposes a solution that might actually be viable. [A Warning Card for Blood]

Nereo has had an incredible career, one that H&H reminds us of. Along with photos, H&H reminds us of many, but not all of Nereo’s accomplishments, including a win at Pau, Badminton, and Bramham as well as multiple seconds at Burghley and representing at multiple team championships. We salute you, Nereo, the enduring warrior. [Celebrating Nereo in Pictures]

Wednesday Video:

How Much Do You Love Your Footing?

The rider who loved Attwood so much she bought her footing before the farm.

Posted by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces on Tuesday, May 8, 2018