Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Hunt Club Farms jumps for a cause. Photo via Hunt Club Farms FB page.

It’s always fun to jump, but it’s more fun to jump for a cause, which competitors at Hunt Club Farms did over the weekend. Hunt Club Farms held a fundraising starter trial for the the Angel Trust at Winchester Medical Center, raising funds to kick breast cancer’s butt.

National Holiday:  United Nations Day

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Your Wednesday News & Notes

Andrea Baxter and AP Indy came to Burghley 2018 with a mission. “Last year was almost just a dream to be there and giving it a try, but I put the pressure on myself this year as I knew Indy and I could do it and we needed to go out there and prove it!” And so they did. Andrea recounts her rematch with Britain’s big, bag four-star in this feature for Slo Horse News. [Andrea Baxter’s Burghley Redemption Plan with Indy 500]

With the eventing season beginning to wrap up, it’s time to think about the Convention. That’s right, the USEA Convention is only six weeks away and beginning to release details. From forums on the Classic 3 Day to the calendar workshop, there’s bound to be a topic to catch your interest. [USEA Convention Preview]

Jess Halliday has been a fixture in Area I for the past decade, whether working at Dover or running her own training farm. However, 2018 has not been her year, with one bad thing after another happening. Despite that, Jess never gave up her smile, even through what she thought was a bad stomach bug. When the bug turned out to be Stage IV colon cancer, the area has found a way to support her through their ‘Buck Off Cancer’ fundraiser. [Jess Halliday is Ready to Tell Cancer to Buck Off]

Cozmic One, the son of the legendary Zenyatta, participated in the jumpers at RRP. Under the tutelage of Isabela de Sousa, three time winner of the jumping division at RRP, Coz enjoyed the celebrity life at the Challenge. Between interviews with media outlets like TVG and visits from children (and parents!) who remember his mother, the horse had quite a bit of attention. [Cozmic One’s Retired Racehorse Project Journey]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: Green Footing

The colors to root for at the Hunt Club might be pink, but we wanted to tell you about our “green footing.” Green as in the color green, like money, like the fields of Kentucky Horse Park … well you get it.

Years ago a client came to us, looking for a world class footing in “another color.” For their particular project, they wanted a colored footing. Green. So it would blend into the hillside of the community. But make no mistake they wanted it to be a premium blend and not a gimmick.

Thus “Green Pinnacle” came to be, with all the properties of our high performance Pinnacle. The color was rich, fade resistant and did not wash out in the rain. And because we use only originally sourced material, not recycled rubber or carpeting that turns footing black, the green would stay perennially green.

Additional benefits of the green colored footing, is that it toned down the glare of the ring on hot sunny days, which both horses and riders appreciated. Green is not the only color we can produce for our footing. If you have a particular need for a custom color, please let us know.


  • Green Pinnacle and TerraNova are readily available.
  • Same exceptional properties as our Pinnacle.
  • Attractive natural green color.
  • Proven helpful in cases of difficult local planning restrictions.

Want to know more about the most advanced footing solutions on the market today? Please call Attwood Equestrian Surfaces at 888-461-7788.