Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Work hard, play hard. Photo via Boyd Martin FB page.

Some of the best team building happens in the offseason, when the whole crew has spent all day slogging through the wet, cold, miserable weather and the best thing you can do it give the horses a day off and head to the nearest Mexican joint for tamales and margaritas and maybe something hot to drink. 

National Holiday:  Look for an Evergreen Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Recognizeds are on vacation for the remainder of 2018!

Your Wednesday News & Notes

Camilla Mortensen usually imparts a story about her spicy mare Cairo, but today’s blog is a love letter for her first Thoroughbred. Huey was a heart for Camilla to point herself into after two ended relationships and a cross-country move. He did all the things but jump over 3 feet, so when it came time to decide between her heart and her ambition, she chose to let him go to someone who loved him as much as she had…who then passed him to another who loved him until the end. [Everything I Needed to Know]

Riders are often intrepid souls and two entrepreneurial spirits bumped in together at a farm in Georgia. Ainsley Jacobs started Ride Heels Down apparel four years ago, then happened to move to a barn where Mary Campbell of Mare Modern Goods was already boarding. Despite being competitors in the market, the two became close friends, with Ainsley even converting Mary to the dark-side of eventing. [Community is Stronger Than Competition]

Is your horse on the naughty list? What funny “naughty” things has your horse done this year? Share the stories (and photos if you have them)  for a chance to be featured on EN’s sister site Jumper Nation next week! Post them to Facebook here or email [email protected]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: When the Weather Outside Is STILL Frightful….Move to Hawaii and Still Build a Covered Arena

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