Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Planking an oxer at KY is a great way to workout. Photo courtesy of Lara Miller.

One of the great traditions of Kentucky is that the course opens up at the end of the cross-country day to allow the thousands of spectators to walk the course, climb up on the fences and indeed, plank the oxers. Social media is filled with people lying on giant tables, clambering over the wooden ducks, and generally having fun on a course that was pristine only hours earlier.

National Holiday: May Day

Major Weekend Events:

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

The Event at Skyline H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

MCTA H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Poplar Place H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Your Wednesday News & Notes

One of the posts I most look forward to after a big event like Kentucky is the photographers gallery afterwards. I love seeing the quiet moments between horse and rider amidst the atmosphere, the look of pure joy or grit or focus on a rider’s face and the look of eagles the horses have. [Scenes from Land Rover Kentucky]

The 5* at KY wasn’t the only event turning heads. The Kentucky Invitation Grand Prix, held in the evening on Saturday after a long day of cross-country, in the rain and during dinner-time, was an absolute rousing success, with a sold-out stadium and spectators lining the rails. The crowd was responsive and eager to watch the horses jump fences larger than themselves. [What Show Jumping Could Be]

David Britnell is determined not to forget a single thing as he heads to his first Badminton with Continuity. He has a long laundry list of items he needs to pick up in the trade fair, a plan for who is handling the horses at home, and a bunch of young horses who are getting drilled in the parts of the test that they can do. [Badminton First Timers’ Blog]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: 

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