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Curly hair, don’t care. Photo by Maggie Deatrick.

My patience finally paid off this past weekend when, three years after I bought him, I got to finally run Prelim on my second OTTB. My first OTTB was precocious and ran Prelim at the end of his six-year old year; this one is now nine and finally at the level. I’m so glad I’ve taken my time though, because it’s resulted in a bold, confident horse charging around cross country like it’s no big deal.

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Your Wednesday News & Notes

Fitness is a battle we all fight in the horse world; often riding just isn’t enough. Sinead Halpin gives a candid look into what it was like to give birth and then struggle to return to the fitness level she needs to be at for career success. It’s something more of us can identify with. [Making Time for Fitness Outside the Saddle]

Deborah Burell, mother of five, uses riding to relieve stress. She competed two horses at the Houghton Festival of Eventing this part weekend, participating in her first three-day event. Horses have helped her stay balanced after her family went through a leukemia scare with one of her sons last year. [Mother of Five Contests First Three-Day]

An equine vet also had their first three-day experience at Houghton. As a vet, Jo Gynne doesn’t have much time to spare and after losing two horses close together, had almost given up riding all together. Enter Sublime Talent, and OTTB warhorse whose body needed her as much as Jo needed him. [The Vet Who Nearly Gave Up Riding]

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