Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Tiffany on course. Photo courtesy of Maya Kuntze Photography.

At the beginning of the year, Tiffany Morey won a pair of Majyk cross-country boots in our New Year’s Resolution Contest. Although she’d never jumped a cross-country fence, the boots inspired her to dip her toe in the water. At the end of November, things came full circle, when Tiffany finished 3rd in her first ever elementary horse trials at Loch Moy. This sport is great because of the support we bring each other! Go Tiffany, and go eventing!

National Holiday:  Bathtub Party Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Done for 2018!

Your Wednesday News & Notes

The Pavilion at Stable View will be unveiled for the first time at the Stable View Opener. During the event, the Pavilion will open for the first time at 11 am, with food available from noon onwards. Stop in to grab some lunch catered by Berry’s Catering & Floral, with live entertainment.  [The Grand Opening of the Pavilion]

Eventer Jess Halliday has some help in battling Stage 4 colon cancer. A variety of top notch trainers and various other prizes have been offered as prizes to a fundraising raffle to help Jess offset costs in her cancer treatment. If you’re in Florida, consider entering the raffle to help her cause. [Buck Off Cancer Raffle]

Attwood is sponsoring an entry for the Area II YRAP Fix-A-Test. Free. Free. Free. ONE lucky rider will WIN a fully paid entry for the Area II YRAP Fundraiser Fix-A-Test at Morven Park on December 30, 2018 courtesy of Attwood Equestrian Surfaces! This year, Morven had AES renovate the arenas with their own custom sand blend footing. [Enter to Win an Entry]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: Eurotex

There is a common misconception in the equestrian community that sand is sand is sand. That there is no difference from one batch to another so all you have to do is combine it with an additive and you have “footing”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At Attwood, we carefully select the sand most suited to your environment, whether it’s hot and dry, or cool and wet, or anything in between. We then create a custom mixture of the sand, felt, fiber, water and air.

Yes, water and air. And no it is not magical unicorn fairy water and air.

The amount of water and air that we mix into the footing along with the precise amount of fiber and felt creates the balance and grip of the footing giving you a truly safe surface every ride.

This custom blend perfected for your riding conditions ensures a completely balanced product every time with a cushioning component that prevents over compaction of the surface.

EuroTex is easy to install and very popular across all the disciplines.

You can find Attwood products in many of the top equestrian venues in the United States, the United Arab Empire and Europe.

  • Stable View
  • Morven Park
  • Great Meadow
  • Embassy International Riding School
  • Windurra USA
  • Carolina Horse Park

Want to know more about the most advanced footing solutions on the market today? Please call Attwood Equestrian Surfaces at 888-461-7788.