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Go the girls!

Right now we have women holding the Olympic, World and European titles, AND all three of the Grand Slam 5*s.

When Julia Krajewski took the gold in Tokyo, she became the first woman to win the Olympic title in eventing. But that’s not all. In a double whammy for womanhood, Amande de B’Neville may very well be the first mare to win gold too.

At the World Championships in Pratoni, Yasmin Ingham followed in the footsteps of two other women World Champions – Sandra Auffarth and Ros Canter – making it a hat trick for women being on top of the world.

And it seems good things really do come in threes. When Nicola Wilson won the European title, she was also the third woman in a row to do so, taking over the crown from Ingrid Klimke who won the title in 2017 and 2019.

On top of all this womanly greatness, this spring we’ve seen Tamie Smith taking Kentucky, becoming the first woman in 12 years to do so, and Ros Canter winning Badminton. They join reigning Burghley champion Piggy March – with the mare Vanir Kamira – for a grand slam of women eventers.

Go eventing women!

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U.S. Weekend Preview

Equestrians’ Institute H.T. (Kenmore, WA) [Website] [Entries / Ride Times / Scoring] [Volunteer]

Flora Lea Spring H.T. (Medford, NJ) [Website] [Volunteer]

May-Daze at the Park H.T. (Lexington, KY) [Website] [Entries / Ride Times / Scoring] [Volunteer]

Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trial (Kansas City, MO) [Website] [Entries / Ride Times / Scoring] [Volunteer]

Spring Coconino H.T. (Flagstaff, AZ) [Website] [Entries / Ride Times / Scoring] [Volunteer]

Tryon International Spring H.T. (including the USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Championship) (Mill Spring, NC) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

USEA MDHT YEH Qualifier (Adamstown, MD) [Website] [Volunteer]

Virginia Horse Center Eventing (Lexington, VA) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Willow Draw Charity Show (Weatherford, TX) [Website] [Entries / Ride Times / Scoring] [Volunteer]

Woodside Spring H.T. (Woodside, CA) [Website] [Entries / Ride Times / Scoring] [Volunteer]

Wednesday News and Reading

Take a trip back to the Badminton Horse Inspection and vote for your favorite Hot Trotters. Fairfax and Favor want to know which ‘fits had you drooling as the riders braved all the weathers on the runway. Voting closes tomorrow (Thursday), so get scrolling sharpish. [‘Fits Fit for a 5*]

Being open and curious, fascinated and fun-struck – it’s all in the beginner’s mind. Beginner’s mind is a concept that can bring a bit of zen to every experience, and you don’t have to be a yogi to benefit. Whether you’re mucking stalls, waiting in the pouring rain for your horse to decide he wants to come in from the field, trotting over poles or cantering another circle, the trick to beginner’s mind is to think – How would this be for someone who doesn’t get to do this day in day out? In this piece, Jec Ballou talks about how perceiving things from the point of view of a beginner can make you a more effective trainer – from relating to your students better, to preventing burnout. No matter how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing, beginner’s mind is something we can all tap into. [The Magic of the Beginner’s Mind]

Vaccination is something that’s been talked about A LOT in the last couple of years, for obvious reasons. But has the need to protect ourselves through vaccination made an impact on our attitudes to vaccinating our horses? Researchers have looked at low vaccine uptake in horse owners in both Australia and the U.S. and found parallels to the attitudes displayed by parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. Perceived proximity to risk is a clear motivating factor, as well as cost. The study suggests improved communication with horse owners to create a solutions-focused approach to zoonotic diseases, such as rabies. Whatever your views on vaccination, this is an interesting read if you’re looking for something a bit sciency to start your day. [To Vaccinate, Or Not To Vaccinate?]

Plastic bags, ghosts in the bushes, the bucket that was right there all morning – we all know horses can be hyper-sensitive to their surroundings. Using a basketball game and a guy in a gorilla suit (as you do), researchers were able to prove that humans focus so intently on a specific task that we become blind to other (arguably far more interesting) things. Ever tried walking your horse past a human-gorilla pounding on his chest and have them not notice? Thought not. It’s because of this that the horse-human team is such a powerhouse – like a Hallmark movie relationship, it’s like we’re meant to be. What humans are great at noticing, horses, not so much – and vice versa – thus creating the perfect team. [Pay Attention]

What’s the difference between a whip and a pair of spectacles? No, that’s not a trick question. In terms of eventing, it’s something we need to know if we want to avoid technical eliminations in the show jumping phase. Although it would be nice to have an exuberant trainer delivering advice via cheerleading chants from the sidelines, or for there to be designated traffic controllers sporadically arranged around the course giving directions, unauthorized assistance is strictly prohibited in show jumping. Knowing the rules is just as important as knowing your course and USEA’s rule refreshers are here to help. [Freshen Up]

It’s the time of year when we all wish we were back at college. No, I’m not talking Spring Break – although that might be fun, eventing is arguably better. It’s the Intercollegiate Eventing Championships this week and in Nicole Brown’s favorite show of the season, she’s been talking all things college eventing. [Listen In]

Sponsor Corner

Mini farm for sale in the gated Shady Grove community in Ocala! 6.8 acres with board-fenced pastures, just 15 miles from the World Equestrian Center. Click here to take a closer look via Ocala Horse Properties.

Video Break

In celebration of International Heritage Breeds Week, we’re taking a look at the Morgan horse.

All Morgans throughout history can be traced back to Figure, a stallion born in 1789. Taking on the name of his owner (who was given the horse as a debt payment), he became known as the Justin Morgan horse.

Morgans have played an important part throughout American history. From carrying out farm work to serving as the cavalry, a clear attribute of the breed is their versatility. The Morgan Horse Farm, part of the University of Vermont, is home to the oldest continuous Morgan breeding program in the world and is credited with saving the breed – preserving the magic of the Morgan into the modern day.

Intrigued? Here’s a look at the living history happening at The Morgan Horse Farm.

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