Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Laine Ashker Ocala CCI2* Helmet Cam

Even Laine Ashker admits that this helmet cam is pointed a little low — but for a good idea of what she’s doing with her hands and exactly what it looks like to tackle a big cross country fence head-on, it’s actually a perfect perspective!

Go for a gallop under the Florida sun with Laine Ashker aboard Flagmount’s Spartan, a 2008 Irish Sport Horse co-owned by Laine and Tera Call. Spartan (and sometimes “Sparty”) is a rockstar cross-country mount with a great gallop, and you’ll be totally rocking and rolling with his stride as the video progresses.

We love helmet cam perspectives that show us how a rider prepares for each fence, as well as demonstrate the relationship between horse and rider when out cross country — there’s plenty of guidance from the rider, but just as much if not more praise for the horse for seeing them safely through.

Laine and Spartan conquered the Ocala International 3-Day Festival of Eventing’s CCI2* cross country with a double clear, making this a fun pair to watch.

Go Eventing!

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